Where do I make a payment? (I don't see how to make a payment)

To make a payment, residents need to go to their property's unique payment URL.

  • If you do not know your property's URL, contact your property manager or send us a support request. 


One at the correct URL you will need to do one of 2 things:

  • 1 - If you have never made a payment through Aptexx before, you will need to find yourself using your name+address or resident code. Resident codes can ONLY be obtained from your property manager.
  • 2 - If you HAVE made a payment in the past, you need to login with the email you used to make previous payment(s).  


If you do not know what email you used to make a payment previously, please select the forgot password button to resend a login email, or submit an Aptexx support request for help logging in.  


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  • Avatar
    Christopher Williams

    where do I log in for residents to pay rent, why is so difficult

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Griep

    agreed. not helpful and still can't figure out how to pay...

  • Avatar

    Why did you change the system, it use to be so easy??????

  • Avatar

    This is not a user friendly way to pay. I'm sick of having to run to the bank for money orders.

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    maria lobelia rojas lopez

    Maria Lobelia
    How do I pay online ?

  • Avatar
    maria lobelia rojas lopez

    Buenas noches,
    Disculpen he tenido algunos problemas para realizar el pago oportuno. Por favor necesito ayuda... quiero pagar y no se como hacerlo... estoy fuera de EEUU.

  • Avatar
    elvia hernandez

    very complicated !!!!!

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    Theresa Glenn


  • Avatar
    Damien Clinton

    It keeps failing to log me in for some reason. I need to pay rent today and the office is closed for the next two days! I keep sending request tickets, but not getting any responses. I need emergency contact today!

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