Aptexx User Groups and User Permissions

Aptexx User Groups


How to locate User Groups and how to set them up


  • User Groups can be found by first locating the Company tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Once in the company tab you will see User Groups as one of the five tabs shown, click on User Groups.
  • In User Groups you will be able to add new groups with the green button labeled New User Group.
    • That will prompt you to name a new group and create one.
    • Once created click on the blue highlighted I.D..
    • Now you can choose the permissions you would like that group to have. Save User group Permissions when finished.
    • It will keep record of any change made in the Changes tab.
    • You have the ability to change the name of the group or status of the group with the blue highlight Edit button to the right side of the screen.


 User Groups is a easy way to manage the permissions for different groups at your company. Instead of individually changing each users permissions, you can assign a user to a group which represents the permissions needed for that person.


In the listed picture you will find the basic format of a properties used groups, but this can be modified to match the needs of your company and users.






User Permissions


Complete scan - Gives the user access to complete a scanned check batch, this. Without this permission access is halted at marking the check as completed.

Create Account Person - Grants access to user to create an Account/Prospect/Resident depending on how the company set up.

Create/Edit Message Templates - Access to the user to create and edit group message templates.

Create Payment - User is able to able to take a payment on behalf of the resident/account directly from their Aptexx profile.

Create Refund - User can issue a refund on a specific payment.

Create Skip Bank - Gives the user the option to create a skip bank (Skip Bank is what is used when multiple accounts/residents use the same bank/money order information, so it will not automatically assign a person based on the MICR information used).

Create User - Grants access to the user to create a new user within Aptexx

Create User Group - Gives the user access to create and modify user groups.

Export payments - The user has access to export payments manually.

Export scan batch - The user has access to manually export scanned check batches.

Manage Data Exports - Gives the user the ability to setup export files (previously known as lockbox files).

Manage Tags - Gives access to the user to create/modify merge tags.

Manage Themes - Grants access to user to manage message themes.

Override Payment Business Rules - Gives the user access to take a payment on behalf of the resident regardless of the properties internal settings (Black out dates/Amount types/Partial payments etc).

Send Emergency Message - User has access to send out an emergency message.

Send group message - User has access to send out a group message.

Send Surveys - User has the ability to send out surveys.

Setup Surveys - Gives the user access to create and edit survey setup settings.

Synchronize Integration - Grants access to the user to manually sync the integration. (Located under the company tab, click on the property ID and the Sync integration button is in the top right corner).

Upload integration data - This gives the user access to manually upload integration information.

View all scan batches - Gives the user access to view all current batches being scanned and edited.

View Exports - User is given access to view payment Export details within Aptexx.

Void Payment - Grants the user access to void a payment made.

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