Aptexx Check Scanning Setup Instructions

Welcome to Check Scanning in Aptexx. This article will assist in installing the needed files to start scanning in Aptexx.

Optional - Uninstall Panini Twain and Dynamsoft Plugin - Although it is not necessary, we recommend removing these files as they will no longer be used. Instruction on how to uninstall programs can be found here - Windows Uninstall Application Instructions

Requirements prior to install:

Installing The Panini Universal Driver and Aptexx Check Scanning Programs

You will begin the install by downloading the Panini and Aptexx Check Scanning files below.  NOTE: you must install the Panini drivers FIRST.  The Aptexx Check Scanning program relies on the Panini installation to work correctly.

Install first - Panini Universal Installer Link 

Install second - Aptexx Check Scanning Program Link 

These will show up at the bottom of your browser and when selected will open in your downloads folder.  Begin with the Panini Universal Installer.  You will select the Panini download first.   

Begin by extracting the file, and then selecting the setup.exe file within the newly extracted folder.

Your computer may show up with a security warning.  If you see this please select "More Info" and Run Anyway".

Follow the pop up instructions by clicking "Next".

Select the top option "I accept the terms of the license agreement" then select "Next".

Follow the instructions on the screen by selecting "Next".

Make sure all boxes are checked and select "Next".

Disconnect your scanner from the computer and select "OK".  This may take several minutes as it installs the drivers on your computer.  You will not see anything on your screen as it installs.  This may take several minutes.

The Panini Drivers have now successfully been installed.  Select Finish and you can now plug your scanner back into the computer.  You are now ready to move on to the Aptexx Check Scanning Drivers.

Select the aptexx-checkscan-setup.msi file from your downloads folder and select "Run anyway".

Select "Next" to begin the installation process.

Select "Everyone" then "Next".  Select "Next" on the following pop up.

You have completed the set up for your check scanner and are now ready to scan checks.

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