Payments - Scheduled Pay

Scheduled Pay

The Scheduled Pay tab under Payments is a quick and easy way to view the payment schedules that your residents have created. Clicking on the reference number for a schedule shows its details, and you can use the filters to help find the schedule you are looking for.


Ref # - If you know the Aptexx reference number of the payment schedule you are looking for, you can enter it here to be taken directly to that schedule.

Property Status - The Active/Inactive/All filter allows you to choose whether or not you want to view schedules from residents of only your currently active properties, from only inactive properties, or from all properties, regardless of status.

Schedule Status - The Active/Inactive/All filter allows you to choose whether to view active payment schedules, inactive payment schedules, or all payment schedules.

Time FilterAllows you to select the dates you wish to view. Use the Custom filter to select any range of dates, or use the Month, Quarter, or Year filters to view all exports created on those dates. (Refers to payment schedules set up to generate a payment within the specified timeframe.)

Method - Filter by method of payment associated with the schedule.

Amount - Filter by the dollar amount of the scheduled payment, including sub-filters such as Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To. (Refers to the dollar amount of each instance of a payment, not the total value of the schedule.)


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