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Survey Charts

The Survey Charts page allows you to view a snapshot of your survey responses, broken down by survey type.  It shows you the number of surveys completed, the number of surveys sent, the Satisfaction Score, and the Completion Rate.  You can view this snapshot for a single property, several properties, or all properties by clicking on the Properties button located above the Property Status filter.  Clicking on a blue "Surveys Completed" link takes you to the Survey Responses page showing the responses using the same filters you have chosen.


You can filter Survey Charts in two ways:

Property Status - The Active/Inactive/All filter allows you to choose whether or not you want to view requests from only your currently active properties, from only inactive properties, or from all properties regardless of status.

Time Filter - Allows you to select the date range you wish to view. Use the Custom filter to select any range of dates, or use the Month, Quarter, or Year filters to view all responses completed on those dates.


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