Surveys - Manual Send

Manual Send

The Manual Send feature allows unscheduled surveys to be sent to a group of residents. You can choose individual participants or create a .csv form containing a custom list of recipients from the People > Residents page.


urvey is to choose the type of survey to send (General Satisfaction, Move In, Move Out, Lease Renewal, Maintenance, Prospect).  You can filter recipients based on their Lease Status (All, Current, Past, Future, Notice, Evict).

If you wish to survey a larger group of people, you can upload a .csv file in order to send a survey to a custom group of residents.  The best way to create your .csv is to navigate to People>Residents on the left hand shelf menu and filter as needed to collect a result that includes the residents you wish to survey.  Once you have filtered your residents, click the Download button located at the top right of the Residents pane. This will generate a .csv of those residents. You may delete rows containing any residents you do not wish to survey prior to uploading.

Once you have your desired list of residents, click Send.

Keep in mind that individual surveys can be sent directly from a resident's profile page as well:



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