Messaging - Template Creation


Creating a New Template:

NOTE: The ability to create a template is controlled at the Admin user level.  If you do not see the Templates option under Messaging in the left-hand shelf menu, contact an Admin user at your property management company to either give you access or create the template for you.

  1. Navigate to Messaging >Templates
  2. Click “New Template”
  3. Complete Template Settings
  4. Complete Template Title
  5. Write Email Version, Text Version, or both
  6. Click “Save Template”


To create a new template in the Messaging module, navigate to Messaging > Templates, then click “New Template.”


First choose Resident or Prospect as the Template Type, then select the accounts that will have access to your new template.  Permission for account selection is controlled at the admin user level.  A corporate level employee may be able to make templates available to one, several, or all properties, or groups of users using tags selected from drop down menus (Admin Users, Ownership Groups, Regional Manager); a property level employee will most likely only be able to create a template for their own property.  After you have determined who will be able to access the template, give it a recognizable a title.  Write your email, text message, or both, in the text boxes.  Just like creating NEW GROUP MESSAGES, you can insert merge tags, format your message if it is an email, insert emojis, and attach files.

Once your template is completed, click “Save Template”.  Your template is now findable and ready to be used in NEW GROUP MESSAGES.

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