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When creating a new Group Message, whether email or text, instant or scheduled, clicking on Save & Exit will automatically create a Draft of your message.  You will find drafts of unfinished or unsent messages by navigating to Messaging à Drafts on the left-hand shelf menu in Aptexx.

The Drafts page lists the Settings from the New Group Message page (Group, Timing, Method), the message title, when it was created and last modified, who created it, on which step the Group Message was saved (Recipients, Compose, Delivery), and Actions (Edit, Delete).  You can sort the drafts by Created On, Last Modified, or Created by to make finding the message you would like to complete and send easier.  When you find the Group Message you would like to complete, click on View/Edit.  That will take you back to that message on the step where it was saved.  If you wish to delete an uncompleted group message, click Delete.  Clicking Delete creates a pop-up window asking you if you are sure you wish to delete the message.  If you do, click Delete on the pop-up.  If you clicked Delete in error, click Cancel on the pop-up.

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