Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests


To find a filterable list of Maintenance Requests, click on Maintenance on the left-hand shelf-menu.  To find a particular Maintenance Request when you know the Ref #, you can type the Ref # into the search box.  If you do not know the Ref #, or you are looking for a range of Maintenance Requests, you can use the filters.

  • Properties – Choose the property or properties you wish to view
  • Property Status – Choose Active, Inactive, or All properties
  • Completed – Choose to view Maintenance Requests that have been completed, ones that are still open, or All Maintenance Requests
  • Canceled – Choose Maintenance Requests that have been canceled, ones that were not canceled, or All
  • Time Filter – The Time Filter default range is the current month to date. You can also filter by a custom date range, by month, by quarter, or by year.
  • Maintenance Type – Choose the type of maintenance requested from the drop-down menu (Plumbing, Lights, Appliances, etc.)
  • Location – Choose where the maintenance issue is located in the unit (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.)

Once you have filtered the maintenance requests, you can then sort them if needed.  Maintenance Requests can be sorted by Unit, Person, date created, date completed, whether or not the request was canceled. 

You can look at the details of the Maintenance Request by either clicking on “Details” on the individual Maintenance Request, or by clicking on “Expand All”.

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