Messaging - Sent

Messaging - Sent


To find all the messages sent from Aptexx, navigate to Messaging à Sent.  From this screen you can Filter by Message Type (email, text), Recipient Type (Individual, Group), Property Status (Active, Inactive, All), Time Filter (Month, Quarter, Year, Custom), and Person Name (first name, last name, first and last name).  You can sort your filtered results by the delivery date.

The Sent screen tells you how each message was sent.  Under the Sent As column a message sent as an email is denoted by an envelope icon, and a message sent as a text is denoted as a smart phone icon.  You can click on the Message/Subject link to read the message, on the recipient’s name to see that person’s RESIDENT PAGE, or on the paper airplane icon to send that recipient a new message.  When you click on the paper airplane, a pop-up message window appears, prepopulated with the recipient’s first name.  You have the option to send the message as an email or text, as well as add a Payment Link or a Profile Link.


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