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Bank Changes in Aptexx

Clients now have the ability to change bank accounts in Aptexx.  There are two steps to this process.  First, you will create a new bank account in Aptexx.  After the new bank account information is entered, you will switch your current account or accounts to the newly created one.

STEP ONE: Add Bank Account

In order to create a new bank account in Aptexx, first navigate to Company > Properties on the left-hand shelf menu.  Once there, click on the Ref # for the property for which you are initiating the bank change.


On the next screen, click on Banks Tab to see a list of your properties’ accounts currently in Aptexx.  Click on the “+Add New Bank” button.



On the Add New bank page, you will name your new account (Property Name – Rent, for example), choose the type of account (checking, savings, general ledger), the routing number and the account number.  Once you have entered the required information, click “Add Bank”.



Step Two: Change Bank Account

 Once you have added the new bank account to Aptexx, you can switch from the old account to the newly added account.  To do this, click on the “Targets” tab, and then click “Change Bank” next to the old bank account.



 First, choose the new bank you just created from the drop-down menu under Deposit or Withdrawal bank.  Once you have chosen the new bank, click “Change Bank”.  If you would like to change all or some of your previous accounts to the newly created account, cluck the box next to “Apply to Additional Targets.  Checking this box will show you a list of all the accounts currently associated with the property.  You can check the boxes next to the accounts you would like to change to the new account.  Once you have chosen the accounts to change, click Change Bank.




Please contact if you have any questions about this process. 

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