Packages - Adding a Package

Packages – Add a Package

  1. To add a package received by a property to Aptexx, navigate to Packages > Unclaimed Queue or Packages > All Packages and click “New Package”.


  1. Fill in the information on the New Package form.
    1. Make sure the correct property is chosen from the drop-down menu
    2. Search for the recipient by either the recipient’s name or unit number
    3. Choose the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, or other)
    4. Choose the package size (Envelope, Large, Medium, Small)
    5. Enter the tracking number
    6. Upload a picture of the package. You can either drag & drop the picture, or browse your computer to upload it.  We recommend the picture show the shipping label
    7. Enter notes regarding the delivery as needed
  1. If the recipient has received more than one package, click on the “Add Multiple Packages for This Person” link to enter the information about the other packages. Otherwise, click “Add Package”.


Once the package or packages have been added, they will be searchable on the Unclaimed Queue page until they are marked as picked up, or at any time on the All Packages page.

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