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Surveys – Compare Surveys

The Compare Surveys page allows you to compare Survey Responses from some or all of your properties.  Navigate to Surveys > Compare Surveys on the left-hand shelf menu to view these comparisons.


You can choose the properties you would like to compare by clicking on Properties (above the Select Metric drop-down) and choosing the properties.  You can also choose to filter properties by Tags which are setup by your corporate office. 

Once you have chosen which properties you would like to compare, you can filter the results by Metric (Overall Satisfaction – a combination of ALL survey types, General Satisfaction, Move In, Move Out, Lease Renewal, Maintenance, Prospect), different charts for each survey response type (Overview – the default charts, as seen in the above graphic, or pie charts showing percentages representing the survey responses, as seen below).


Property Status defaults to All, but you can also filter for Active or Inactive properties.  You can also use the time filter to compare survey responses from Custom dates, current month, quarter, or year.

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