Messaging - Emergency Message

Messaging – Emergency Message

An Emergency Message is a message that goes to all residents for the selected properties via email, text, AND voice message. This should only be used in the case of an actual emergency. For any messages that are not emergencies please use the Group Messaging feature. In order to send an emergency message, navigate to Messaging > Emergency Message on the left-hand shelf menu.



Select the properties to receive the emergency message by choosing one or more properties from the list under “1. Select Properties”.  Then write your emergency message in the text box under “2. Write Message”.  The message must be 160 or fewer characters, and there is a character counter under the text box for your convenience.  Once you have chosen your recipients and written your message, click “Deliver”.  Clicking Deliver triggers a warning box reminding you that the Emergency Message function is for emergencies only.



NOTE: Only residents with contact information in Aptexx will receive the Emergency Message.

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