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Q: Why was my payment declined? 

A: Aptexx has no way of knowing your credit limits or account balances at the time of payment.  We can only pass along what a bank or credit card company relays back to us.  When a payment is refused, the payer is sent an email with a reason for the refusal.  Some banks return code numbers, some definitions without codes, and some with both codes and definitions.  Some of the more common refusal reasons are:

            Credit/Debit Card:

                        Non-sufficient funds

                        Do not honor – Call bank

                        Expired card

                        CVV data is not correct

                        Invalid card number


                        Non-sufficient funds

                        No account of file. Unable to locate account

                        Invalid account number

                        Non-transaction account.  Either the account does not allow ACH transactions or the                                      number of allowed transactions has been exceeded



Q: Why is my payment method unavailable (grayed out)? 

A: Please contact your property management to find out why a payment method is no longer valid.


Q: How do I set up a scheduled payment?

A: To set up a scheduled payment, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Aptexx account
  2. Click Scheduled Payments button
  3. Click + Scheduled Payment
  4. Choose your whether you would like to schedule a fixed amount each month, or your total balance
  5. Click + Add a Payment Method
  6. Choose Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card
  7. Enter the account information and click Save Payment Method
  8. Choose the month you would like the scheduled payments to begin, the dates you would like them to end, and the day of the month you would like the payments to be made.
  9. Click Create Scheduled Payment


Q: Why did my scheduled payment fail?

A: Most likely your scheduled payment failed because the balance had not yet been updated by the property company.  You may want to change the date of your scheduled payment to accommodate the time between the first of the month when your balance is updated in the property management’s accounting software and when your rent is due.






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